Project Home is a dance production company established by Christopher Martin and Larkin Poynton. Our founders are internationally recognized choreographers and teachers who share a common goal: to produce meaningful and innovative work that transcends beyond the stage. 

Since its inception in 2015, Project Home has committed to connecting artists from different communities. Our contributors are comprised of dancers, videographers, photographers, lighting artists, directors, musicians, and more. Project Home has performed for audiences from all around the world, having toured in the US, Spain, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Italy, Russia, Australia, England, and China. 

As we move forward, we hope to continue pushing the boundaries of dance, and to bring people together to appreciate our art.





Chris Martin was born in Oakland, California, and raised in Boulder, Colorado. Chris's passion for dance is visible in his two decades of unwavering commitment to this craft. He has gained great international acclaim, teaching regularly at workshops and studios in over 40 countries and states. Chris is a member of internationally renowned team Choreo Cookies, through which he learned the value of being a part of a team that works towards a common goal of perpetual growth. He is currently an instructor at Building Block, a dance studio committed to helping students’ achieve their goals through the development of personal regiments. Chris freely shares his knowledge with the communities he is lucky enough to meet. He greatly values each and every one of his varied life experiences, which remind him to stay patient, kind, light hearted, and not take life too seriously.



Larkin Poynton was born to the Basque region of Spain and grew up under the Rocky Mountains in Longmont, Colorado. He has founded and co-founded numerous events and organizations centered around community, artistic development, dance, and unity, such as Side by Side Dance Company, Murmuration, Project Home and several other community and collaborative projects. He is incredibly invested in and has worked hard to develop dance communities around the world using movement as a means for human connection, conversation, and self-cultivation. In addition, he has been teaching nationally and internationally for the past five years, spreading his knowledge of community building, the power of self and communal worth, and movement as a basis of expression.